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The endodoncia or treatment of conduits is the procedure by which the affected pulp of a tooth is eliminated, damaged or dead person and the conduit is sealed. The pulp is the deep part of the tooth and it contains blood glasses and nerves, being located in the central part of the root and communicating the tooth with the maxillary bone.

The endodoncia can qualify in three types:

  • It is unirradicular when fond of a tooth that has only one root and for it only one conduit pulpar.
  • It is birradicular when fond of a tooth that has two roots and for it two conduits pulpares.
  • It is polirradicular when fond of a tooth that has more than two roots and for it several conduits pulpares.


The tooth becomes discolored, being darkened, or pain appears before cold and warm stimuli in a tooth with caries. The precedent of a traumatism can exist in the tooth or the achievement of a restoration of the one that the tooth does not recover. Frequently it does not hurt and the injury cariosa has already affected to the pulp of an irreversible way.


A previous history and exploration, along with a suitable position of the patient and of the professional, the use of a correct skill and a few measurements of asepsis are essential norms for the achievement of an endodoncia. In all the cases it is necessary to realize a previous radiography.

First of all the precise anesthesia is restored, it prepares the operative field for itself and the tooth isolates itself. The minor possible dental opening is realized to make the channel exposed radicular and the damaged pulp. It extracts the textile to itself pulpar and is cleaned and expands the conduit radicular with the suitable set of instruments and material. Later the conduit is sealed perfectly with a material thermoplastic (gutta-percha) and cement. It can be necessary to realize control radiographies in the different steps. This way the tooth is prepared to be restored. The teeth endodonciados can need the laying of a crown with esthetic and functional ends.


In spite of realizing a correct endodoncia, the treatment can fail since it is a therapy in which multiple factors intervene, some impossible of controlling. The complications that can arise are:

  • step or flange,
  • instruments break,
  • side perforation,
  • perforation apical,
  • vertical break,
  • subobstruction,
  • sobreobturación.

Sometimes the infection periapical existing cannot disappear after the endodoncia and an additional treatment must be realized.



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