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  • Condiloma.
  • Condiloma acuminata.
  • Warts in the penis.
  • Virus of the papilloma humanized (VPH).
  • Venereal warts.


The condiloma acuminado is a viral illness of the skin characterized by the growth of a soft wart in the genitals or in the anal region. In the adults, the disorder is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease (ETS), but in children the virus appears or is transmitted with or without the sexual contact.


The condilomas are caused by the human virus of papilloma (VPH). The viruses of the papilloma cause small growths (warts) on the skin and mucous membranes. The infection of the anal and genital regions with VPH can cause warts (condiloma genital year) on the penis, vulva, urethra, vagina, neck of the womb, and about the year (perianal).

There have been classified more than 50 types different from VPH. The severest types, including the types 6 and 11, collaborate with bulkiness and roughness, and the genital warts are easily visible (especially in women). Other types collaborate with flat warts. There are other most important types that collaborate with pre-malignant and malignant changes in the neck of the womb (abnormal spots in the Papanicolau). These comprise the types 16, 18, 31, 39, 45, 51, and 52. The investigation also shows us that the joint presence of VPH and the virus of herpes is a good predictor of the cervical cancer.

The injuries on the external genitals are recognized easily (wart in cauliflower). In the penis, the genital warts tend to be smaller than on the feminine genitals or that the perianales in both sexes. The condilomas grow better in the humid genital area. They are rough, colored and hard turning out to be alone or in bunches. If they do not talk each other, the warts about the year and of the vulva they can be enlarged quickly taking a cauliflower aspect since supporting the dry infected area can be a problem, and the warts settle often in the humid areas.

In the women the VPH it can invade the vagina and the neck of the womb. These warts are flat and they are not easily visible without special procedures. As the VPH can be the beginning of a precancerous change in the neck of the womb (displasia cervical), it is important that it is diagnosed and treats. To detect the VPH it is important to do the Papanicolau test regularly.

The infection for VPH is very frequent, although most of affected persons do not have symptoms (they are asymptomatic). In several studies done in schools with women, approximately the half they were positive for VPH; although only from a 1 % it had had visible warts to 2 %. The incidence of genital warts seems to increase quickly, although this can stem from a progress in the diagnosis.

Between the factors of risk of the genital warts the multiple sexual couples are included, strangers' couples, bad use of the condom, and the early beginning of the sexual activity. In children, although the virus can be transmitted not sexually, the presence of condiloma acuminata should arouse suspicion of sexual abuse.


As with all the sexually transmitted diseases, the entire abstinence is the only sure way of avoiding venereal warts. A sexual monogamous relation with a healthy well-known person (I freed of illness) is the most practical way of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

The condom prepares of the infection for VPH, and when it is used correct and coherentemente, provides a good protection not only against the VPH but also against other ETS. (To see Practices of Sure Sex).


  • Tumors appearance on the genitals of warty aspect that they have increased.
  • Superficial injuries of colored aspect that they have increased.
  • Genital injuries.
  • genital ulcers.
  • Anal warts.
  • Abnormal growths about the year or feminine genital area with form of cauliflower.
  • Moisture increase in the field of the growths.
  • Itch of the penis, scrotum, anal area, or vulva.
  • Increase of the vaginal discharge.
  • Bled vaginal abnormal (not associated with the menstrual period) after the sexual act.

It notices: Often symptoms are not evident.


A genital examination announces injuries in any part of the external genital organs. These injuries are superficial, of whitish color, thin or thick, alone or in group. In the women, a pelvic examination can announce growths on the vaginal walls or in the neck of the womb. To see invisible injuries to simple sight it is possible to realize a colposcopia. The textile of the vagina and of the neck of the womb can talk each other with acetic acid to do that the warts become visible.

Additional tests for women: A Papanicolau to see possible changes associated with the VPH. A colposcopia to see external or internal genital injuries that are invisible to simple sight.


The local treatments to eradicate the injuries include: acid tricloroacético, podofilino, and liquid nitrogen.

The surgical treatments include: crioterapia, electrocauterización, therapy with laser, or surgical split.

The couples with sexual relations with the patient also need to be examined by a doctor and the warts must be treated if they appear. The abstinence should be practised or condoms be used up to the finished disappearance of the illness.

It is necessary to do a control after a few weeks of finishing the treatment. Later it is sufficient with an autoexamination unless warts begin appearing again.

The women with a history of genital warts, and the men's wives with a history of genital warts, should do a Papanicolau to themselves at least every 6 months (the affected women it will do after 3 months of initiated the treatment).


With the treatment and suitable identification, the genital warts normally can be controlled. The injuries reappear often after the treatment.


There have been identified at least 60 types of human virus of papilloma. Many of them have collaborated with the cervical cancer and vulvar. The injuries can become numerous and quite big, needing more pursuit and treatment.


Ask for an appointment with his doctor if his sexual couple has been diagnosed of genital warts, or if it notices any of the described symptoms. The adolescents seem to be extremely capable to the VPH and those with very early sexual experiences should be examined to detect a possible infection for VPH.


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